Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I am just sick of the word blog. It's kind of silly, really. I'm just trying to have some fun with it. OK, down to business. I browsed various blogs and came across many interesting sites. I chose three that I think are worth following for the purposes of this class. First, I chose NewsBusters. This blog is run by conservative journalists that try to weed out liberal bias in the mainstream media. I chose this site for personal political preferences, but more so for its objective of finding any bias in mainstream media. The mainstream is huge. It is the biggest source of news for Americans and even the world. It is also, in my opinion as well as many others' opinions, the most corrupt and fabricated. The purpose of this blog is to give constructive criticism to the way stories are presented and the organizations from which they come. It also seems to be fresh; and it incorporates a sense of humor or cynicism, rather than being boring and formal. The founder and participants (bloggers) all have backgrounds in journalism with respectable firms.
The second blog I chose is PRESSthink. This site discusses the accuracy and accountability issues in web-based and print journalism. This site, like NewsBusters, also looks to criticize bias in journalism. Journalism is supposed to be as objective as possible. We all know that it is not. We need sites like this so that people can stay informed on what's really going on if they find the itch to do so. The founder of this site is a journalism professor at NYU. He has an extensive background in academics and the profession of journalism.
Finally, I chose the Online Journalism Blog. This is an eBlogger site from an English fellow. He, as well, has a lot of experience with journalism, especially Internet based programs. I thought this site was very relevant to the class because it explores all types of media, not just writing. It focuses on print, design, advertising, and pretty much anything Internet, as the site description implies. This seemed to be a real media convergence blog.
So that's the skinny on the blogs I have selected to follow for this course. Check 'em out if you get the time amongst everything else we all have going on with this class and others. I have also added these sites to my links list on this blog. See you in class.

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