Friday, October 27, 2006

Blog review part 6

Well, it's that time again my fiends (and no, that is not a typo). NewsBusters has more about the footage that was aired on CNN with the terrorist shooting Americans. All I can say is blah blah blah. Enough is enough. There is so much bias in the mainstream media. I'm just sick of it. They shouldn't have aired it. And whomever filmed it should be the one that gets shot. 'Nuff said.
There is also a bit on Geraldo Rivera. They just talk about his rant against republicans. I don't have much to say about this either. Although, I must say (no offense to anyone that likes him) I think Rivera is an embarrassment to the profession of journalism. He practices novelty journalism. Remember his show and the silly endeavors he pursued? Once again, nuff said. Finally, there is a few takes on the Dixie Chics and their so called documentary "Shut Up and Sing" and other anti-administration films. What is up with celebrities and voicing their opinion? Sure, we all have the right to free speech, but celebrities have the power of persuasion. People look up to them for all the wrong reasons. I'm not saying their film is bad or good; but some people should just keep their mouths shut. I don't know. Maybe I'm sounding like an opinionated jerk/hypocrite. The madness has got to stop. There is way too much stuff being crammed into the minds of Americans. We are being corrupted by all money and glamour. I believe in freedom of speech like any American does. It's a beautiful right. I just think we have far exceeded the limits with some of this stuff. Our Founding Fathers would be devastated to see that their grand ideals have become a free-for-all for any schmuck that wants to use his/her professional influence to shape the way we live. Virtually anyone has this power if they talk long enough and loud enough.
PRESSthink actually (as of right now) has nothing new to say. So, I guess I don't either.
The Online Journalism Blog has some really good stuff, however! There is more talk of the future of journalism. It's electric baby! The Media are passing the torch to the age of the Internet. Bradshaw states that he thinks that journalists aren't as important as they used to be. He based this judgment on one of the points made in this article about the digital future. I can see where he is coming from. It makes sense; and it is scary.
He also had a post with a link to a great resource site. It has to do with all electronic media. Check it out. I think it speaks for itself. Good stuff.
That's it for now. I guess this week it was short and sweet (or bitter). Until next time...

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